Well, our time in TN has come to an end. It was a nice trip. I learned something very valuable about vacationing during the week. Do it, especially if the weekend at the end of your trip is attached to a Monday holiday. Oh, my…who knew traffic would be so bad? I suppose if I had thought about it, I would.

When we made the executive decision to pull the plug on Disney, we had to decide where to go because once Will’s vacation is set on the calendar at work, there ain’t no changing it. After long thoughts, we had a family meeting and I told him that we should head to the mountains and see if his parents wanted to join us. Yes, folks, I vacationed with the in-laws. They love the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area and, while it was quite a drive for them, they pulled through and were snoring away by the time we arrived at the condo.

I originally found a kicking cabin in Gatlinburg, but Will’s parents said we would probably be better off staying in Pigeon Forge. As I have mentioned before, we are timeshare people and with the proper planning, I would have been able to use our time to stay there. However, since this is a Plan B vacation, things were a bit different. A website I turn to often is Vacation Rentals By Owner. There is only one time I have found a place to stay and not been totally pleased and that was on the Tiara Girls trip last fall. Anyway, this time we chose a condo vs. a cabin, mainly because it had a pool and we were able to know exactly where it was so it made it easy on everyone involved and, if all else failed, Olivia loves to go “fwimming.”
Day one recap on the way….