First, thanks to all who offered up prayers, well wishes, etc.  It was much appreciated by me and I know by the family.  I just received a call that he passed away this morning.  My heart is broken.  There are some people in this world who live for others rather than themselves and these are those people. 


I’m reaching out, again, to you all for prayers, good wishes or whatever you will…

I emailed a friend I met about 3 years ago who does some contract work for a company I do some work with.  I wanted to see how she was doing as I had not heard from her or seen her in a while, although I had been keeping up with her through a mutual friend.  F is a very, very special person.  She is one of those people you meet and, the instant she speaks to you the very first time, you know you’ve got a friend for life.  They have biological children, have been foster parents for many, many years and they have adopted several of the children they’ve fostered.  I’m posting her email below. 

The power of prayer does wonderful things and her strength and faith is amazing.  So, if you will, please pray for this family. 

It was great to hear from you.  The kids are all doing great and I’m glad to hear about Olivia. It doesn’t seem like she should be that old.  Wow, time moves quickly. 
Things are not going too well here.  In fact, I haven’t had time to even let K know that D is in intensive care as we speak and the doctors are doubting he will pull through.  He was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease last year and then told he had Lyme disease.  He became totally dependent on me (bathing, feeding, dressing, bathroom, etc) and on Monday of this week developed blood clots in his right lung and left leg. He also has developed pneumonia. 
I’m very sad right now as I didn’t imagine becoming a widow at age 47 but I have to keep believing that God has a good reason to do this.  Otherwise, I would go crazy.  D and I have been married almost 24 years but he is really suffering and I don’t want that for him. 
Please keep us in your prayers.  I’m on my way back to the hospital.  Once the nurses got him halfway comfortable late last night, I came home to get a little sleep.




 I didn’t include their names, but God knows who you are asking prayer for.