Deployment brings with it all sorts of questions ranging from how to adjust my schedule, work, worry, cooking for just Olivia and me, and the oh-so-dreaded question of: “What about another baby?”   First of all, deployment, for us, does not mean expand family.  The first words out of some mouths of wives in Will’s unit after the deployment was announced was, “I’m gittin’ pregnant.”  I’m not making fun.  It’s exactly how they sounded when they said it.  We are totally in love with Olivia and are thoroughly enjoying her.  Different strokes for different folks, but I’ve always wanted some space in between kids and, yes, this deployment will bring with it a wee bit more space than we originally planned for, but, hey, I had a luxurious Disney trip planned that crumbled right before my eyes, too.  The best laid plans… 

Honestly, I don’t know what our future holds for our family.  I think we both would love to have another child.  I have had one girl and now I’d take 100 boys.  Will, on the other hand, wants more girls.  I admit, sometimes I would love to find out I’m pregnant, but other times it doesn’t phase me.  I don’t get bitter when I see pregnant people and I hold no secret hard feelings for friends and family who have babies. For the record, I so enjoyed celebrating my wonderful baby shower my friend J hosted for me with a cold beer.  Anyway, to date, it’s not been in our cards and, for the most part, I’m okay with that.   Fertility issues are a bitter pill to swallow and miscarriages cause a lot of heartache.  Adoption costs are expensive, domestic or international, and the wait to bring a sibling home from China is wicked crazy long right now.  We’ve talked about our options and are thinking them through carefully.  When family planning involves paperwork that expires, fingerprints, homestudy with updates and a husband who will be thousands of miles away, it takes a bit more planning. 

I usually don’t mind people asking me questions and most people mean no harm in the stuff they ask, but I do feel the need to answer this one out loud: No, we will not be freezing sperm.