But boring. 

Nothing too terribly exciting going on.  We had family day with the Guard Saturday.  Sparing the details, can you guess what the outcome of this equation is: 50000% humidity+rain+crabby preschooler+grumpy husband equals?  There are many answers and none of them are pretty.  I endured.  There are only a few of the wives I really enjoy being around that I have things in common with.  Olivia enjoyed seeing the soldier boys and ate popcorn, snocones, cupcakes and two green beans.  Yes, two.  The company Commander gave a brief update of what we already knew.  It irritated me because so many of the wives, and some soldiers, were so disrespectful.  My view is this: When Will is in uniform, or at a Guard function, that is his boss.  I would no more mouth off to him than I would his day-to-day boss.  Heck, I wouldn’t mouth off anyway; I’m a grown up and it’s flat our rude.  Anyway, I talked to the Captain for a few minutes after his speech, but not without Olivia tugging on one side and Will poking me in the back to go.  We only stayed for a couple of hours until we got to the point the fun was starting to pour from my ears in the form of a migraine.  She cried.  He groaned.  She cried harder.  He groaned louder.  Me? I was in the passenger seat with my fingers in my ears singing something along the lines of, “la, la, la.”  I must say, one of them took a grown up pill and threw out an apology.  Want to guess which one it was?  Yes, Olivia!  How did you know?  I had to go back in the armory to pick up some things and came back to the car.  She had dried her tears and told me, “I’m sorry mommy.  I didn’t mean to cry so much, I jus’ didn’t wanna go home yet.”   Bestill my heart.  I went around to her side of the car and unbuckled her and gave her the biggest hug.  She followed up with, “I so sorry.”  Well, then I cried.  Hard.  We hugged, gave kisses and she told me, “Not worry.  You still my fwiend.”  Love her!

After a failed nap all the way around, we decided to go pick up………..MY NEW KITCHEN TABLE!  Legs and all!  I busted laughing when I looked at my pick up receipt and there were three line items:

  1. Table top.
  2. Pedestal.
  3. Chairs.

I still, for the life of me, cannot understand why that is optional.  Minimal assembly so we should have been ready to dine by dinner time.  On the way home, I laid out the plan.  Table first.  Then chairs.  Table top? Broken.  Grrrrr.  I ordered it 5 weeks ago and it is on backorder AGAIN until the first of September.  Anyone up for hosting us for dinner?  They wanted me to schlep EVERYTHING back to the store, but I thought back to my detailed receipt.  No, I’ll bring the top back…just order that part number.  We donated our other table/chairs set to the Kidney Foundation so we don’t have one.  My tinsy kitchen looks so big now.  And naked.

So, in a nutshell, that’s what’s been happening around Chateau L.  We have a little special fun planned for this weekend and hopefully lots of pictures to go along with it.