I had a vendor rep stop in to say “Hi” since she was in our “neighborhood.” BTW, she “loves passing through our part of the state.” She showed up with a dozen half-frozen cupcakes from the local grocery store disappointed she couldn’t find a doughnut place. I laughed. There isn’t one. For many, many miles…maybe 40. But, remember, she loves passing through our neighborhood. After talking with her and listening to her fumbling with small-town city names and such, she’s never been in our neighborhood or even to surrounding ‘hoods. Anyway, how could I deny myself the CHOCOLATE cupcakes with the bright orange, blue and pink icing? I couldn’t.

I went to Wendeez for lunch today and ordered a burger and substituted my fries for a side salad with fat free dressing and had my usual Diet Coke. They gave me fries, too. How could I deny myself the warm, salty goodness of fries? I couldn’t. What goes better with burger, fries and salad than a cupcake? Nothing.

Can’t wait to see what saboteur is hiding in the bushes for this afternoon.


No Willpower