Will and I had a conversation last night that went like this:

Will: Can I go to a wedding in July?

Me:  Sure.  Who’s getting married?

Will: Wxxx from my unit.  It’s in South Carolina.

Me: Wasn’t I invited?

Will: I guess so.  Your name was on the invitation. 

Me: You don’t want me to go? 

Will: It doesn’t matter.  You can.  I’d like for you to.

Hmmm.  After another 5 minutes of this conversation, this is what it boiled down to:

W is getting married in Same City, SC where some good friends of ours live.  We’ve been invited to the wedding and Will would like to see M&T while we are in town.  Did I want to go? 

After my realigning the story, this is how the conversation went:

Me: [Recap from above]

Will: That’s what I said.

Me: No, it’s not.

Will: Well, it’s what I meant.

You’d think after all these years together he would learn to communicate as well as me I would be better at reading between the lines of his cryptic messages.

I don’t think he has realized that he’s going to be wearing a suit in the middle of July in a nice hot Southern city.  Heh.