I’ve been wanting a new table for the kitchen for a while, but haven’t been able to find the one that is just right.  Today Will and I ventured into P ier 1 to see what they had.  One was so delightful, but wouldn’t work with my new place settings and colors.  Then we saw it.  THE table.  Perfect size for our kitchen.  Has a leaf for those times we have guests.  Great color.  Sales girl came over and we started talking about the set I had picked out.  Tag on table was $299.  Chairs separate.  Okay.  Then I noticed another tag on the table and gasped.  The table TOP was $299.  The LEGS were $99 each.  No freaking way.  So, I threw the question out there and asked what were the other leg options for said table.  NONE.  Those were the only legs for the table.  

That was such a deal breaker for me.  I told Will I thought our guests may be offended when asked to balance our new table top on their laps.