Bad wife: Yesterday Will got older.  Forgot to mention it to the internets.

Happy Birthday, Will.

We had cake Olivia picked out with “Bayoons” on it.  It was the only thing that calmed the screaching at the grocery store.  Well, we all know buying a cake means I had to buy ice cream.  Can’t have party cake without ice cream.  Will chose Mexican for dinner.  Fabul-O sang to him, but refused to let him wear her hat with the candles on top.  Folks – it is rocking…I’m still working on swinging a picture even though it’s after the fact.  Hey, there’s still cake left and when there’s cake left there’s a party to be had.

I wanted to get him a Wii.  It’s an upgrade from his ancient Playstation.  The original PS, not PS2 or PS3.  We typically don’t do gifts, but I want to play golf on it I thought he would enjoy it.  I only had the thought about a week ago.  Every local place has been sold out, including the big box stores.  I’m not paying out the azz for one when he can wait another week or so and we can pick it up for the bargain, yet still overpriced, amount at our local stores.  So he wouldn’t be empty handed, I gave him the football game I bought for it to say, “Surprise!  Guess what I was too slack to think of ahead of time so this is all you get for now.”  He shook his head no and told me it was too much money.  I explained to him the “family” would get to use it so don’t worry and the store will call me when it comes in.  Then the truth came out…He wants a PSP to take to Iraq with him.  He has a Gameboy, but everyone else has PSP and if he has a PSP then they can share games.  Damn it.  He played the sands of Iraq card. 

Good wife: The red one added to list of deployment gear to buy.