This is us.  Well, us and some of our closest extended family and friends.

We’ve been on alert for about 7 months and there was a big meeting a couple of months ago with the families of our unit.  We don’t have official orders yet and no specifics, which I couldn’t share anyway because of OPSEC.  I haven’t posted publicly before now because of semi-uncertainty.   The Soldiers were told to give their employers the verbal heads up while on AT this week.  Will does this Monday.

We are making some pretty big preparations, but many of them are ones every family should have in place anyway.  I’ve planned the good, the bad, the ugly and the super duper ugly that makes the hair stand up on your arms. 

I’ve gotten a lot of support from those who have known and I appreciate that.  It’s not going to be easy and there will be times where that strong face so many people know me for will be hard to put on.  

I have purposefully kept politics and religion off my blog and will continue to do so.  I will tell you this: telling a wife whose husband is heading off to war, “Maybe it will end and he won’t have to go” followed by a dissertation on the war is like telling someone who is adopting, “You’ll definitely get pregnant now.”  Neither of those comments is well-received.  Trust me…I’m experienced in both. 

We volunteered to serve our country whenever called upon, whether at home or abroad, and we are the family who believes in doing the best job we are able for those tasks.  We will continue to do the things we do and we will do them with all our might.  

Anyway, just wanted you to know.