We have lived in our little house for 9 years and PomPom has lived with us for eight of those. (For new blog stoppers-by, PomPom is our Shih Tzu and first born) Her stool sits in front of the same window looking out into our same corner of the earth so she sees the same stuff over and over and over. Sooo, why is it every.single.day when “Frodo,” the knotted up Shih Tzu from down the street, goes for a walk with his owner, PomPom barks like it’s brand new and she won’t stop it for anything.

Here is my plea in case PomPom decides to check in on the blog: Please.stop.the.barking. You’re driving me insane.

The other screaming you hear? Oh, it’s just a glass of Chardonnay and a brownie. I’ll take care of those with nary a raised tone.