At the top of the ‘ol blog page, you’ll find a new page titled “What’s Cooking.”  Well, in an effort to stop eating out so freaking much and to control the spread of our girth, I planned out 60 meals to cook at home.  No two main dishes are repeated, although sides are.  The meat may change up (pork vs. chicken) and there’s usually a non-starchy veggie even though you may not see it listed.  However, this is the basis on which my grocery list is formed.  These are easy-peasy and don’t require a lot of time, which I have very, very little of.  Also, depending on how you cook them, the meals are relatively healthy.  Sadly, Fabul-O is the only one at our house who most always gets a well-rounded meal.  Us?  We toss up to see who gets cereal and who gets popcorn.  Seriously. 

I love summertime because of all the fresh fruits and veggies.  Salads are a staple at Chateau L and I love making my own fresh salad dressings. 

So, check ’em out and let me know what you think.