Poor Will is having to miss a couple of days of mosquito warfare this week for a root canal.  This is the second root canal this tooth has seen; the first was done about 12 years ago.  Sad thing is no good drugs pain medication will be prescribed.  Something about mixing narcotics and weapons.   He had some problems with it once or twice, but it hasn’t bothered him in years and, honestly, I thought he had already had it fixed.  My advice to him from afar is Liquid Tylenol kicks ass.

***Updated post***

Sadly, Will won’t be having his root canal.  He got hurt yesterday doing whatever it was he was doing.  For that they give the good drugs prescribed pain medication, hence me not knowing exactly what was happening.  Something about polka-dotted bunnies and the Jedi.  Just kidding, but he was still pretty loopy this afternoon so I’ll have to wait until euphoria fades to find out exactly what’s ailing him. 

Feel better, Soldier boy.