Two words: Absolute Blast.

After a long day of parading and driving from Raleigh back into Charlotte, I was more than ready to settle into my room and grab a couple of z’s before J got into town.  I checked into the Renaissance Charlotte Hotel where the prom was being held.  We figured better safe than sorry, so we opted to get a room and be able to enjoy ourselves without having to worry about driving home.  Because the hotel was remodeling two floors at a time, the rooms filled up quickly.   I kept checking back every day or so in hopes of getting a room and one day, SCORE!  Granted, it was the Romance Package, but beggars can’t be choosers so a little romance it was going to be.  Heh.  I got some raised eyebrows when I checked in and they confirmed my request for two double beds.  Yeah, about that.  After a brief history of where Sgt. husband was, I got my keys and rode the elevator to the fancy key only floor.  The room was great.  Wasn’t over the top, but it was very nice and I was quite pleased with our accomodations.  J got to the hotel and we had a couple of cocktails and we got dressed.  It was going to be a super duper fun night.  Shannon, Tony, Jodi and Scott got to the hotel and we were running just a tad bit behind.  I swear it was the humidty making for a terrible hair night.  We met up with our party in the lounge area.  After a bit of confusion, slight attitude and a very gracious recovery from the restaurant manager on duty, we had the most delightful dinner.  We ate our dinner, shared some stories and then it was time to get our groove on.    Just an aside: Jodi and I kept looking at one another and finally we had to figure out how we knew one another…she is the PA for the doctor who took my tonsils out!  Yup, small world.  At the time of my consult, she and I talked about the China adoption process and she told me she had a friend who was adopting, but had gotten held up in the slow down.  I told her I had friends who were going through the same thing, but tell them to hang in there; it would happen.  Little did I know it was Shannon! 

Okay, where was I?  Oh, yeah.  We entered the ballroom to some kicking tunes and danced, danced and danced some more.  Even though J was my date, I was afraid of feeling left out when the slow mushy songs came on.  Not true.  Jodi was the first to offer me her hand in dance during a slow song.  And thanks to Shannon, Journey has brand new meaning to me and I must say she is quite the dance partner.   I don’t think anyone’s smile faded until they crossed the threshhold back into the real world.  Yes, Will was missed greatly, but I could not have had better dates or friends there with me.  So a HUGE thanks to all of you!  You made my night a blast and we helped out a fantastic charity.  Anyone who wants to go next year, c’mon!  We’d love to have you. 

Blah, blah, blah…where are the pictures already?  Here ya’ go!


Tony, Shannon, Me, Jodi, Scott and J


Fun, Fun, Fun