A while back I posted about having a digital pressure cooker that sat unused for a couple of years.  Mine is by Cook’s Essentials and, I must say, it is still one of my absolute favorite appliances. 

We eat a lot of chicken around here and chicken can get pretty boring.  So, I started experimenting with different seasonings.  Penzeys is my favorite spice spot.  The only thing with cooking in a pressure cooker is you must have at least one cup of liquid so I use chicken broth, beef broth, or whatever my spice is mixed with water.  I also use McCormick’s Bag ‘n Season (the seasoning, not the bag) a lot; I mix the seasoning with my one cup of liquid and put in the pressure cooker, set it for the allotted time and dinner is done within half an hour.  Again, throw the bag away or save for something else.

Sunday I made a pork tenderloin using the Bicentennial rub from Penzeys.  I used my handy dandy Deni meat tenderizer to tenderize my loin and rubbed it down and put it in the fridge for about 5 hours.  I trimmed all the fat from my pork loin before seasoning *GASP*.  I know, not thinking about how I was going to cook it, it could have been a disaster.  Not with my digi pressure cooker!  I mixed some more of the seasoning with a cup of water, put in and 50 minutes later, we had the most delicious and tender pork tenderloin I think we’ve ever had.  

 Tonight was another pork debut in the cooker.  One of my absolute favorite grilling sauces is John Boy and Billy’s Grillin’ Sauce.  We like the spicy.  I bought some pork county-style ribs and was going to slow cook them on the grill.  Whatever.  I threw them in the cooker with 2/3 of a bottle of the sauce (would have been the whole bottle, but when we grill steaks, Will puts bbq sauce on his and he had already dipped into the bottle).  50 minutes and dinner was de-lish-us.

Bon appetit!