For anyone who has ever wondered how I came up with pot and kettle for the blog address, here’s the skinny:  You’ve all heard the saying, “that’s the pot calling the kettle black.”  Yeah, well here it is in all it’s glory.

I’m going to bust on Will for last minute packing when, in fact, I’m also a last minute packer.  I usually end up spending $20 at a Wol-Mrt in the city I’m visiting or on the way to because I always forget something.  Trip to Raleigh was the prime example.  I was being all giddy for girl’s night out the night before I left and forgot 1/2 my toiletries.  I used to keep a travel kit packed so all I had to do was grab and go and now with Fabul-O, my trips are fewer and farther in between and stuff expires, ya’ know.  So now it’s pack when I go.  Normally the goody stuff you get at the hotels is okay, but being the allergy queen I am, can’t use but certain stuff on my loves-to-break-out-and-be-all-hivey skin.

I digress….Will has annual training (AT) with the Guard coming up soon…very soon.  He always waits until the very last minute to pack and then spends half the night scrounging for t-shirts, boot bands (the little thingys that keep his pants inside his boots – I think), PT gear, etc.  Where is this stuff?  It’s in the attic.  It’s in a duffel bag from weekend drills.  It’s the secret stash he keeps in the car for back up.  It’s in a foot locker.  How long does it take him to pull a weekend drill bag together? 2-3 hours, sometimes longer depending on what they are doing and where they are going.  How long to pull an AT bag together?  4-5 hours, oddly the same amount of time it took him to pack for Iraq for 10 months.   He did listen to me this time when I begged him to please start getting ready early so he doesn’t have to rush around and stay up late.  He washed his t-shirts and uniforms, but he wore the t-shirts to work.  Begin again.