Am I stalling posting updates?  You betcha I am.  I have pictures and I know if I do a post without them I’ll never make it back to update.   The prom pics weren’t from my camera and they were loaded onto my laptop, which doesn’t have any photo editing software and the files are huge and they must be edited.  Trust me.  Ya’ll don’t need to see but so much cuteness of me.  Heh.  That leads you to the question, “Why not just save them to another card or CD and move them to a computer that has the photo editing software?” In all honesty?  That’s just way to simple for my taste.  Besides, ye old laptop hasn’t been fired up since I downloaded from J’s card.  That’s pure laziness.  Parade pics are on another camera.  Latest goings on at Chateau L are on another one.  They’re coming.  You peeps know I’m a woman of my word…I’m slow, but I’m true to my word.

So, in the spirit of the day…enjoy and ole!