It’s been a whirlwind of a week. Can you believe it is already Wednesday?? I know. I got lost last month, too. So lost, in fact, I made my mortgage payment TWICE. Yep, twice. Long story short, my mortgage is through a not-local-to-me credit union but my main piggy bank is with a local bank. I keep money at the CU, but mainly pay bills from main pig. Well, for April’s payment, I didn’t see the money come out of my account so I panicked and moved money from CU account to mortgage. Phew. Then I went back to main piggy bank and saw it had been withdrawn, just.not.posted.yet. Yikes. CU offered to move the money back to my account, but I decided to leave it alone. They posted it for May’s payment. Anyway… April has flown by faster than you can blink your eyes; at least for those of us scrambling for air at Chateau L.

Thursday night was Girl’s Night Out with a group of ladies from surrounding areas. Was just as much fun as it was last month. I laughed until my sides split. Those in and around the area really need to check out Salara. I had the blueberry fritters again. I took Will some chocolaty delight and I decided to have some carrot cake. I love good carrot cake and this was yum-o, but was very, very rich. Shannon joined me and she was in love with the fritters, too.

Thursday night I packed my bags and car for the beginning of a long weekend, and by long I don’t mean extended days off…I mean oodles of on the road time. I logged 506 miles from Thursday night until I settled peacefully at home on Sunday evening.

Friday, after I left work, I headed to Apex, NC to pay respects to the family of a fallen Soldier, Sgt. Lance Eakes. This area has lost several soldiers and the Blue Star Mothers for that area of our state have been doing a great job supporting the family and I’m proud of them. Will had Guard duty and my parents had Olivia so it was just me; several of the other Blue Star Mothers visited earlier in the day. I prayed for strength as I pulled into the parking lot and saw a lot of familiar and friendly faces of the Patriot Guard Riders and felt a bit more relaxed. I didn’t know this family personally, but they are part of our extended family. While in line, I met the brigade support chaplain who is assigned to Will’s brigade. That was nice. She and I spoke for several minutes and exchanged information. She seems to be a wonderful lady and I hope we are one of the family support groups she visits when she heads west. Her husband is also part of the brigade. When I stepped outside the funeral home doors, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I learned that I am not strong enough to do this alone. I called a fellow BSM/friend (Hey P!)  who graciously directed me everywhere I needed to be and she talked me back to a level of calm. I set Ramona to get me to the Raleigh-Durham airport to drop off some Girl Scout cookies a troop from NEW JERSEY shipped to me for our soldiers at the USO.   So, I get to the airport and missed the one door I was supposed to stop at. I had to whip out the brass ovaries on the security dude at the airport (thanks to Koli’s mom for that one! I love it and have permanently borrowed the phrase). I have never been to this airport before, much less the USO, and explained to him what I was doing, etc. He told me I needed to back up, could I handle it? Asshat. Not only did I back up, but I parallel parked better than I ever have in my entire life. (I quit parallel parking after hitting a car once. Not backing into it from the front or rear, but hitting my front quarter panel on the car’s bumper trying to maneuver into a spot. Yeah. Not pretty. The steel bumper faired better than my car. That was in 1995.)  I had one big box housing about 25-30 small boxes of cookies. There was a wee bit of confusion as to what I was bringing so four men came down to get them. Heh. I had some other goodies in my car for a care package party I was helping host later in the weekend, so I let them pilfer and plunder taking what they wanted. I was glad Will had freed up long enough to hear about the events. He listened to me, but didn’t know what to say to soothe my soul except he was proud of me. I needed that.

Next stop….The Hilton. I was upgraded to the fancy floor that required a key in the elevator to get to. Yippee. There was a convention being held at the hotel and the fun restaurant next door I was counting on for a fruity cocktail had a two hour wait out the door and the bar area was packed like sardines. So, I went back to my hotel, put my jammies on and ordered room service. The best chicken quesadilla and cold beer I could have imagined. Olé. Then it was off to bed for the Salute to the Troops parade Saturday morning.

Part II, coming soon….