Three days until Prom 2008. I’m way excited; admittedly, more than I should be. It’s been 18 years since my first prom and I know I was no where near as excited as I am now. I think Will may be a little irritated that my excitement runneth from my ears. Hey, can’t help it, but, I must say, he is being a pretty good sport about it. When we made the grandiose plans to go this year (Ummm – about 15 minutes into it last year) who knew he would have Guard duty twice this month. He needs to blame his command, not me. Besides, he’s driving and shooting tanks. How cool is that? I know, not as cool as the prom, but still pretty nifty.

My tickets finally arrived yesterday after I’ve irritated the dickens out of the people. I checked the postmark; March 27. The kicker: The envelope was opened. Apparently, my mail carrier mis-delivered them to someone who failed to realize their name was not Susan L living at my address and was expecting something from the organization and they plundered through my envelope, but everything was in there. Whew. I must give kudos to the organizer who never raised a question about not receiving the tickets and already had made plans to have them available for me at the event. Thanks for that!

I have three dresses to choose from. Why three? I couldn’t narrow it down to one, obviously. I like one better than two. Will likes two better than one and we are both on the fence about three. So, I’ll let my date decide.

I’ve got my checklist and am working my way through it:

Shoes. Check.

Accessories. Half check. Can’t finalize until I decide what dress to wear.

Hair appointment. Nope. I need to have ye old roots touched up, but if I go in for highlights they will want to cut it and I’m not about having a haircut three days before the prom. Gah. Couldn’t do it sooner because I’m not a fan of my hair spontaneously combusting risking damaging my hair because it’s dried out from the extra bleach less than six weeks after the last time I had it done highlighting process done too soon.

Dinner. At the hotel – they don’t accept reservations so we’ll just have to cross our fingers, I guess. To ensure our safety, we will be staying at the hotel that night. I didn’t get the fancy negotiated rate for the affair, but it’s cheaper than any alternative as a result of driving home. Not saying I would be irresponsible, but it’s not me I’m worried about. Plus, the hotel is renovating TWO floors at a time and it took me about 3 weeks to get a room. Now the ones that are available are way more expensive than mine, so I guess all is well.

I’ve been practicing shaking my groove and Olivia tells me, “Mommy. That not look right? You being a silly goose.” A critic at such a young age.

Bottom line…3 days, people.


And, yes.  I’m referring to is as prom just like I’m 17 again.  Only this time, my dress is MUCH bigger and hair much smaller.