Cheese.  Somewhere in time, it was decided this phrase would be used to get people to smile for pictures.  And, until recently, it was no different at Chateau L for its occupants.  Only problem is this, Olivia kind of puckers when you ask her to say cheese so it’s not pretty.  I’ve forbidden her school to let her say it because the last three rounds of school pictures came back not good at all. 

This morning, as I was still lounging in bed, Olivia comes in with her viewmaster turned camera and said, “Time for pictures.”  I smooth out my morning hair for the pretend photo shoot. 

I’m ready.

She’s ready.

Camera ready.

She pipes up with, “say MONEY.”

If it would have been a real photo shoot, you would have seen my bloodshot eyes as big as saucers and my chin dropped to my chest. 

The girl knows what to say to bring a smile.