I am a Weight Watchers drop out.  I lost about 40 pounds in 2004 and did well with the program.  Then Will got orders for Iraq.  I did okay for a while and then had to decide where to focus my energies when he was gone.  Stress and WW didn’t mesh for me, so I chose to channel my energies elsewhere.  Since then, I’m still down about 20 pounds.  Falling off the wagon hurts, but it hurts worse when you get run over by the wagon.  I re-joined months ago, but have not made any efforts to follow the program.

Tonight in my blog trolling, two people on my bloglines have joined and lost this week with WW.  I want to and I think they are my signs! 

So, here’s my oath:

I, Susan, being of lumpy and bumpy proportions, do hereby solemnly promise to not waste any more money with WW and actually follow the program and attend the meetings that I’ve been paying for.  (I’m more of a failure without meetings).  

  • I will not indulge in any more GS cookies, despite the fact they scream my name and we have lots of them.  I will find them a good home.
  •  I will make a conscious effort to resist temptations. 
  •  I will keep those size XX jeans out and try them on periodically.  When they fit again, I will likely celebrate with one hot fudge brownie sundae, but just one. 
  • If I have a bad day, I will pick me up and dust me off and get back to the program. 
  • I will probably exercise some (just being honest – not unrealistic). 
  • I will succeed on the program. 
  • I will do it and embrace the lifestyle change that is so desperately needed at Chateau L. 

Pinky swear.