This weekend Will has drill and there is a family support meeting at the armory that Olivia and I will be attending this afternoon.  The armory is a bit out of town, so we’ll have to make it an afternoon adventure, which will begin just about lunch time.  Here’s the conversation.

Me: Olivia, do you want to have lunch with mommy today?  We can eat at XYZ.

O: I’ll have to call you later, but not XYZ.  Not good.  I wanna go to ABC123.

Me: What?!?

O: I call you later.

Me: Say again, please?

O: I’ll let you know after I finish up.  I really need to work now.  (she’s stickering)

Good news is that she was able to work me into her busy schedule.  Thank goodness, otherwise I don’t know what I would have done.

Kid doesn’t miss a beat or anything we say.  Evah.  By the way, when did she turn 30?