Don’t be shy. Tell me if another word is more appropriate. Stupid was my first choice, but after reading the definition in an effort to be sure I understood it in it’s proper context vs. how we’ve come to use it, I realized I’m not stupid. I am, however, not shy in admitting I’m clueless.

I’m on Faceb00k. Why? I dunno. Maybe because my friends did it and I caved to peer pressure? Don’t roll your eyes and cast your stones…You honestly can’t tell me that you don’t pull out your third grade reasoning when doing something. How did I get there? I’m not completely sure. I think someone sent me something that I wanted to reply to, but in order to I had to join. Does that sound about right?

Let me enlighten you on my being the complete opposite of tech savvy. I can’t even put new music on my iP0d without deleting what is there. I’m so good at so many other things in life, but techy stuff just.isn’ Wish it was. Oh, how I wish it was, but I have simply come to the realization that it’s just not me and I must go on.

Back to the purpose of my post. Friends, when you send me nudgies and pokies and plants on Faceb00k, I’m not ignoring them. I just don’t know what to do with them. I can accept and reply back, but doesn’t that just create a loop?

You all have chosen to befriend a techless wonder. I thank you for that and I thank you for your understanding.

By the way, I couldn’t master MySp@ce, either.

Love me some bloggin’ though.