Those are the words every parent loves to hear.  It signifies the steps from being a baby to an independent, strong-willed tot.  I hear these words a lot and we’re all about Fabul-O doing things herself.  Except when it comes to haircuts. 

Sunday morning, Olivia was in her cute Easter frock and I had pulled her hair up into a uni-tail.  Bangs needed a trim.  I would get to them.  I was styling my do and hiding the bags under my eyes touching up my make up when she walks into my bathroom with her scissors in one hand and a hand full of hair in the other and proudly exclaimed, “Me do it meself, mommy.”  I shrieked.  I couldn’t help it.  It could have been a lot worse, it just wasn’t expected.  Her lip quivered and her eyes welled up.  I took the handful of silky locks from her hand and tossed them in the toilet and very politely explained about the use of scissors.  Again.

Again? Yes.  That was my fault.  I had left my scissors where she could get them.  She told Will she was going to her room to read.  After a few minutes of quiet, he checked on her.  I hear, “Your mommy is going to be sooo mad.”  OH, my…. I come barreling out of my office to find out she had taken her scissors and started randomly dissecting books from her bookshelf.  Angelina Ballerina has chunks missing as do some of our family and adoption books.  *sigh*  Behind tears she tells me, “It was for the soldier boys, mommy.  They need pictures.”  Books weren’t all that bad, but I made her throw them in the trash to show consequences for doing things she shouldn’t*.   She was following my lead in trying to take care of others.  My girl does listen and she does understand.

Oh, and about “mommy being so mad.”  Yeah, I nipped that one right then and there.  It’s not just mommy who is supposed to get mad.  I explained to Will that he’s the daddy and he can be a bad guy, too.  50/50 bucko.


*Books have since been returned to the bookshelf and all is well…point was well made and well received.