I’m allergic to my dog.  Well, not just her, but she and all her canine brothers and sisters as well as cats, dust mites, pollen, grass, trees and cockroaches, but not bad to cockroaches.  Great.  The one thing I don’t have in and around my house (thank goodness) I’m not allergic to.  

Last year sometime (might try to dig up post later, but it wasn’t all that fascinating) I had the blood allergy testing done, but it’s not conclusive, blah, blah, blah.  Well, with all the issues with the girls and their recent “photo shoot”  (mammogram sounds so blech), we’ve met our family out of pocket deductible and are pretty close to our maximum out of pocket for the year so I’m gettin’ worked up from the top of my roots-need-to-be-done head to the tips of my way-in-need-of-a-pedicure toes.  Because of the rash of unknown etiology plus the fact I get all splotchy with beer, mustard, ketchup and anything that has to do with spicy, I had enough of a reason for more allergy testing.  I had the scratch test done.  Wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t unpleasant, either.   Apparently, I’m a dermatologic nightmare with my freakish way of splotching to things that touch me and I caused a bit of a rift between the all knowing doctor and the stick lady.  Stick lady said it shouldn’t/couldn’t be done for the risk of being inconclusive, doc says do it. Rock, paper, scissors…doc wins.  Stick lady was nice, but I found her personality to be a little dry.  I stupidly asked the question, “So, if you’re having a bad day, do you ever stick someone just a little harder?”  (Secretly wishing I had something to stick people with some days.  What an awesome super power to have.)  She answered, “No, not really” as she jabbed the next thingy into my back.  Now, I’m not saying she did it harder, maybe that area was just a bit more tender than the other 20 she had done.   I couldn’t help but laugh and it brought about a chuckle to her, too.  So, when she did the ones on my arm, which hurt like a motha, I didn’t say a word.  Aside from wincing in pain, there wasn’t much else I could do anyway.   

I then find out my beloved Zy rtec D is now over the counter and will cost me waaaay more than my insurance ever did.  Damn it.  Apparently the non-decongestant version you can still get with prescription because of the generic equivanelnt but there’s not a generic for the D, which I need.  So, I have the latest and greatest version of Z-D, but have to take it at night because it might make me drowsy and something else to take during the day.  

No food allergy testing until my tongue swells and my eyeballs pop out.  At least that’s my interpretation of it. 

Next week in the world of what ails me: Patch testing to see if I have a contact dermatitis.  Get patched on Tuesday, peeled off and read on Thursday.  Hey, at least they gave me a heads up that the doc who will be seeing me always runs behind.  So my 4 p.m. appointment means I’ll be home by midnight, Saturday at the latest.

Happy Monday!