Olivia has a word she says, but we can’t understand what it is so she’s not allowed to say it. Well, she’s not allowed to say it for two reasons. One is that we don’t know what she’s saying and two she uses it in a manner where it appears she’s calling someone a name, which is a huge no-no.

Saturday morning, Will had to work so she and I headed out for breakfast and then to do a little shopping. She had been good as gold all morning and we were shopping for Easter goodies for the soldiers and she spied a box of Dora jelly beans. (huge surprise there) I told her since she had been so good, she could have them once we paid for them and got to the car. She was okay with that until that toddler moment struck and the word started flying. Three strikes and she was out. Two eye-to-eye conversations about it with the second a threat to take away her new most coveted prize – Dora jelly beans. Third time, Dora was gone. Plain and simple. Of course, she didn’t like this and went into super stand-off mode. I swear it could be a scene out of an old western, just needed some tumbleweed to blow by before she drew. We put our goods in the car and started on to our next destination. About 5 minutes into our trip this is the conversation that took place:

O: Mommy…

Me: Yes, baby?

O: I so sorry.

Me: For what?

O: Being so ugly at the store.

Me: It’s okay, but we need to work on our behavior and listen to mommy.

O: I love you so much.

Me: I love you, too.

(then I hear a ‘sniff, sniff’)

Insert heart melting here. My girl understood. She understood and was remorseful. I’m so proud.

Wait, don’t get your “awww” all worked up just yet. This was all until I got where I could turn to look at her. That ‘sniff, sniff’ wasn’t tearful or remorseful, she had the biggest p00-eating grin on her face the.entire.time.

I got played. Plain and simple. Dora is still being withheld on principle.