This was my blogpost from two years ago….

Well we are finally able to access our email. Last nite we weren’t able to so there were no picures. We met Olivia yesterday afternoon about 3:30. We were the third family of four to be called. She was not happy, to say the least, but we were expecting that and were as prepared as we could be. She has a set of lungs that must be the size of Texas and they sure do work. She cried for about an hour and then settled down some. Last night we were able to get her to smile and giggle a little bit. She has a cold and is congested and tugging on her ears so that’s not helping any. We gave her some Cheerios and she has held two of them, one in each hand, for about an hour. She won’t eat them and she won’t let them go, either. When the nanny handed her to us, she had a small piece of wrapped candy in one hand a pack of cookies in the other. She never tried to put either in her mouth. She loves her daddy and has gotten picking his nose down to a science. She loves to open her book and turn the pages. She’s still not sure of everything and we are letting her set the rules. She went down last nite about 8:30 and slept until almost 7 this morning.To sum up, we love her. We love her more than we ever thought we would. Being a mom feels good. However, I have quickly experienced the angst of not being able to make my baby feel better.Here are some pictures and we’ll send more as we get them off the camera.Lots of love to everyone.
Will, Susan and Olivia

Three years ago, someone made a choice that, unbeknownst to us, would change our lives in a way we never dreamed possible.  February 20, 2005 a tiny baby, we now call Olivia, was taken to the Chongqing Children’s Welfare Institute (also known as Chongqing Children’s Home) in Chongqing China.  While we’ll never know the circumstances surrounding the choices of her birthmother/parents, we are blessed and honored to have this child as a part of our family tree.  Exactly one year from that date, she had her forever family.

It’s amazing how our lives have evolved over the past two years.  I think Olivia has probably taught us more than we could ever dream of teaching her.   We have our moments, but if we didn’t we wouldn’t be a normal family.  However, what we also have is love; a lot of love.  Not to mention THE coolest kid on the planet.

Here are some pictures from the day we were promoted from a couple to parents…





My girl today:


I love her.  I love her.  I love her.  If another blessing is never bestowed upon me, I will have known the greatest blessing of all: the love of my daughter.