I’ve hesitated blogging about this, but it’s interesting in a not so ordinary way, at least to us it is.

A couple of months ago, Will shouted for me to come to the living room. When I got there, he told Olivia, “Tell your mommy what you just told me.” This is how it went:

Olivia: My father is very, very sick.

Me: Really? Where is your father?

Olivia: He lives far, far away.

Me: Where does he live?

Olivia: Far away.

Me: Olivia, what is your daddy’s name?

Olivia: Will.

Me: What is your father’s name?

Olivia: I don’t know his name. He’s sick, mommy.

Me: What’s your mommy’s name?

Olivia: Susan.

Me: What’s your mother’s name?

Olivia: Oh, mommy. Stop being silly.

Here’s the skinny on the “being adopted” gig at our house. Olivia knows she was born in China. Baby Jia-Jia’s picture (her referral picture) is on her nightstand and she sometimes asks to see her baby picture and we’ll look at it and talk about it. You ask her and she’ll tell you she was born in China and came to North Carolina on an airplane. She knows her address and phone number so she’s well aware of where she is. There are strict instructions at her school that they are NOT to approach the issue of adoption with her at any point for any reason without first talking to me should it ever come up. I am her mommy. Will is her daddy. End of their discussion with the rest being handled by me and I’ll let them know when it comes time to do differently. Not bitchy, just my thing. So, after speaking with the teachers and administrators, everyone told me it’s never come up at school and, if it should, they know how I wish to have it approached and handled. I’m happy with that.

Now, back to that night…I explained to Olivia that I am her mommy and Will is her daddy and that while she was born in China, we will always be her mommy and daddy and there is nobody who will ever make it any different. We haven’t taken the plunge into the birthmother thing yet…it’s coming, we just don’t think it’s time. Her reply? “I love you so much. Don’t be silly and help me with Mike’s blanket, please.” Mike is her doll…he was cold.

From time to time things like this pop up and it just floors me. She still calls herself Jia-Jia and answers to it and Olivia and all the pet names I throw out to her. She and my mom were playing restaurant the other day and, of course, O was “the lady” (a.k.a. the waitress. Yes, we eat out waaay too much) Anyway, she told my mom her name was Si Jia, which is her Chinese name. We NEVER call her Si Jia and I have no idea where it came from. Mom enjoyed her imaginary soup and Si Jia was the best little waitress in the joint.

I’m sure a lot of it is kid imagination, but it makes me wonder. This kid is amazing.