Ahh..you found us hiding in a semi-fetal position underneath the couch.  Whoa. Where does time go?  Christmas? Sailed by.  New Years?  Gone, too.  The rest of the first half of January?  I have no idea.   Pictures?  It’s been almost a month since my last blog post and I must insist on taking baby steps to get back in the groove of blogging.  Loosely translated: I’ll get to them; I always do.

We’ll do a bullet posting to keep things in order…

  • Olivia still despises Santa with every fiber of her being.  She came home a few weeks before Christmas and asked where her “twee” was and this is how it went:
    • O: Where’s my twee?
    •  Me: What tree?
    • O: For my prezzies.
    • Me: What prezzies?
    • O: Dem prezzies Santa bring me.
    • Me: Who told you about Santa? (Last year she was terrified of him so we didn’t push the S.C. issue this year and was just going to let it happen with no major production).
    • O: Grandma.
    • Me: Really?
    • O: Yes ma’am.  AND she let me put prezzies under her twee.  Just.For.Me.
  • We shoved her on him took her to see him at the mall and it was a serious Kung Fu grip.  I still have marks.   Is it twisted we were the only two smiling at her failed attempts to flee the area?  Coming back by his throne she made a HUGE circle to avoid him.  Christmas day: refused to get out of bed to see what S.C. brought because she was afraid he was still in the house.  She managed to do just fine ripping through all the paper.
  • After Christmas delight?  Fever…up and down topping at just over 104 hovering around 101.  Thank goodness for me that Grandma can be convinced to have a play mate for the week between the holidays.
  • New Year’s.  With a fever of 104, I crashed with Olivia and Will was in bed by 8:30.  Sweet.  A drastic change from what it was not too terribly long ago.  SO, Happy New Year, friends!
  • O turned 3 January 13 (she’ll be 13 in a couple of weeks) and, I swear, I’m in awe of the little person she has become.  My mom and dad kept her for a weekend and I picked her up on Monday.   We decided to go out to eat and this is how THAT conversation went:
    •  Me: What do you want to eat?
    • O: Noodles.
    • Me: What kind? (There are 2: Chinese (a.k.a. lo mein) and Spaghetti)
    • O: Chinese.
    • Will and me: Mmmm…How about something else (we had eaten Chinese no too long ago)
    • O: No.  Chinese noodles.
    • Me: How about spaghetti?
    • O: No…I’m from China. I need Chinese noodles.
  • We just shrugged.  I called my mother and asked her the next time she takes my child away for the weekend at the age of 3, to kindly not return her to me acting the age of 8!  I made a U-turn to go to a place we like and she told me we were going the wrong way.  Blah, blah, blah.  Tuesday evening on the way home, we passed the Chinese restaurant we eat at when we’re too lazy to drive to the one we really like and she belts out, “Look Mommy.  Der’s the Chinese pwace.  Told you where it was.”  She was right. 
  • My child’s imagination is absolutely the best!!!!  Sunday’s conversation:
    • O: Byeee!
    • Me:  Where are you going?
    • O: (with her “gear” in tow) Baseball.
    • Me: Baseball?  Why baseball?
    • O: It’s fun mommy.  You should watch.  Love you.  And she throws a kiss.
    • Me: How are you going to get there?
    • O: I dwive my sailboat (kid is obsessed with boats)
    • Me: Where are you going to park it?
    • O: In the pahking lot, mommy. (Oh, the duh factor was HUGE)  And she was off only to return back to me in about 15 minutes to tell me how much fun she was having.
  • Where she is in school, they go from day care through 12th grade.  They move up to the next class on a school year calendar (just like big kids getting promoted to the next grade).  My little diva: Moved up to the 3K class.  I swear I can see a difference in her over the past week.  I wish you all could hear our conversations.  They are awesome.
  • Her birthday was scheduled for today but due to the threat of nasty weather, I decided to postpone it.  Thanks to me, the snow didn’t come in until late in the afternoon.  But, better to be safe than sorry.  Now, to plow through the cupcakes I made for it.  Hips and thighs be warned.

Okay..that’s it in a nutshell.  We’re alive and kicking and doing all the things that keep us monstrously busy.  I’ve gotten a couple of emails with questions and I know some others may have the same questions:

  • Are we still supporting our troops and sending care packages, etc.?  You betcha.  We actually got an Operation Iraqi Freedom ornament from one of our soldiers for Christmas.  One of my most treasured ornaments.  I am starting to wind down a few projects as some of the units we support are headed home soon.  Which leads to this next question….
  • Any word on Will’s deployment?  Yes, but nothing to post yet.  We’re hearing things and we’re preparing for them but there’s no date set and we really should prepare, which we are.  We have an idea and it depends on who you ask as to what the rumor will be.  Sound familiar for a lot of you? Heh.  There are a lot of reasons it’s not announced yet.  Please refrain from telling me “Maybe it will all be over and maybe he won’t have to go.”  That really falls up there with being told you’ll get pregnant since you adopted.  It’s going to happen and we’ve come to grips with it and, REALLY, we’re fine.  It’s his job as a National Guardsman and it’s my job as his wife. 
  • How’s the cookbook coming?  Done.  Been done.  Well, all but the biography.  Once I get it written, it will be ready for publishing. 

I hope for these few weeks into 2008 you all are well.