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I suppose it’s more like we came around the mountain because the Tiara Girls have all arrived.  I was the only one who was super duper late because I worked yesterday.  Fabul-O is with us and it took her a while to warm up but after two suckers (one was a Tootsie Pop) she warmed up nicely and the TGs quickly learned why we shy away from such candy for the kiddo.  The “cottage” we rented is pretty big.  It’s not quite as nice as I thought it was going to be but everyone has their own room and it’s only for one more night.  It’s an OLD house and it’s drafty.  It’s 22* here this morning and I swear the heat hasn’t stopped running yet.   The downstairs seems to be powered by ONE drop cord.  Yes, drop cord.  It connects power from an outlet to a room, where it meets up with an extension cord that moves to the next room to hook up some more light that moves to another room…you get the picture.  The first thought that came into my mind was A Christmas Story where Ralphie’s dad had all the stuff plugged in. 

We had a nice chat before turning in and it was so good to see Deb and C again.  We’re off for a fun day of moseying around downtown Asheville and then to the Biltmore.  We’ll probably visit during the grounds during the day but tonight is when we’ll see all that is spectacular. 

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