Goody bags being made…check.

Care packages taped to be shipped…check.

Letters from school kids pouring in…check.

Learning to sew…half a check.

I’m learning to sew.  I bought a sewing machine a couple of weeks ago and my Aunt B showed me to stitch a straight line.  She showed me but I can’t do it…YET.  Why on earth am I learning to sew, you ask?  Well, because Christmas is just around the corner.  Huh?  We have three “official” soldiers we’ve adopted and a couple of platoons we send things to.  Everybody loves Christmas – even our deployed service members.  Most don’t have the space to decorate but everyone has a pillow so I’m learning to make pillowcases!  I’ll be constructing these little pieces of nighttime heaven out of Christmas fabric to send with their Christmas and holiday goodies. 

Since I’m getting over my shyness on pimping for stuff: If you sew and want to help, pickup some Christmas pattern fabric (Wal Mart is $2/yd and it takes about a yard to make), fold it, stitch your seams and away you go.  You can get free patterns/instructions online.  Need by November 20.