Operation HO-Lotta Cheer – the unsigned part of it – has come to a close with great success. Thanks to those of you who participated by sending me unsigned cards to send to our troops stationed abroad; there will be approximately 2,000 loved ones who will receive a Christmas card from someone they love who is far away from home.

The signed card portion of HO-Lotta Cheer hasn’t wrapped up yet but I’ve gotten bunches of cards with more on the way to me soon.  Yippee.  For those who think you may have missed out on the fun, NO WAY! There’s still lots of time left.  Email me and I’ll get you all the information you need.

Thank you to all those who forwarded my request to your family and friends. I don’t know a lot of you (or them) and will likely never have the honor of meeting you but please accept my most sincere thanks.

Now, remember to hit the stores after Christmas and let’s stock up for next year and we’ll do it again.

In the words of the fabulous Miss Olivia – You peeps rock! (Have no idea where she got that from. heh)