***UPDATED 10-17-07***

We have heard from our soldier at Camp Vict0ry. His email simply read:

“We’re fine. We’re fighting the fight. Will write more later. Thanks for caring.”

He’s not typically a man of few words but this is the best little email I could have received. While we’re thrilled beyond words those we “know” are okay, we continue to pray for the others and ask you do the same.


We have an adopted soldier who is a K9 handler at Camp Vict0ry in Iraq, which was hit by rockets or mortar fire. You can read about it here. There were two killed and 40 wounded. I won’t be able to hear from him for probably at least 10 days due to blackouts on communication so I won’t know if he is okay for at least that long. If you will, please say a prayer, muster up good thoughts or whatever it is you can for not only our adopted soldier but for the fallen heroes, the wounded and those who are affected by this.