Since I have nothing else going on in my life, I’ve decided to add another layer…

First, thanks to all of you who participated in my “Applauding You” project in the spring.  I have received all the hands and I’ll be posting pictures soon.  I ended up with close to 3,000!  and almost 300 units will receive them as they will be strung together in sections of 10. 

I’ve decided to take it 50 states farther….

Last Sunday I received notice through Soldiers’ Angels about a chaplain who is over 1,100 Army and National Guard soldiers whose morale is really low right now.  Since there is no way I could write 1,100 letters by myself, I started spinning my wheels and I’ve started emailing every principal in North Carolina asking their schools to participate in a letter writing campaign with me.  In case anyone wonders, schools have kick azz spam filters.  I’m having to do it in spells b/c getting emails kicked back for one reason or another dampens one’s spirit so by next week all 3000 email addresses on the list will have my request sent to it.   I also emailed every state’s superintendent or commissioner of education in hopes that they would pass along through their email system.  SC has told me they are going to send it, TX sent it and I ended up emailing to all the individual schools in TN.  Some states have statewide email capability from that high up and others don’t.  I’m counting success since two states have already done the footwork for me.   We’ll see over the next couple of weeks how it goes.  If I don’t get much more response from the state level, I’ll start pleading on the district level.  It’s very time consuming but so worth it.

I have received commitments from 40 teachers/schools and I’m sure more to come.  I’ve already received two batches of letters in the mail and my original request went out Monday (9/10).    PLUS several of the schools are collecting items for me to send and have asked how they can adopt soldiers!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  If there’s anyone who may want to do it again (cough, cough) email me.  This time it’s simply letters on regular paper or artwork.  Those in NC public schools *hopefully* you’ll be receiving the request through your principal. 

Last night I signed 250 halloween cards I’m sending out with goody bags this week and I’m starting to work on Christmas cards because I’ll need bunches of them.  If anyone else wants to help, I’m collecting signed Christmas cards to send with packages in December.  The Dollar Store is a fantastic place to pick up 20 for a buck and it doesn’t cost much to send them to me.  

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.