Life is ever changing at the L household. Everyday I notice something new about Olivia and she is always surprising us with the things she says and does. Her comprehension is what keeps me the most awestruck.

If you ask her what her daddy’s name is she’ll say, “Daddy Will.” Mommy’s name? “Mommy Susan.” Your name? “Jia Jia baby girl Lxxx.” What street do we live on? She’ll tell you the name of our street. Such a cute little cookie she is.

We were at the cell phone store because Will needed a new phone and we were talking to the lady. Olivia wanted our attention so I put my hand down to her to let her know mommy was talking and I’d be with her in a minute. Normally this works but not this time. She hollered out, “Will, I need you now.” Whadda you do? We tried not to laugh but simply couldn’t help it.

Since he has his new phone, she has his old one and he and I were in the kitchen and I heard her say, “cooking dinners.” She continued to have a little conversation with someone on the other end and piped up with, “I told you once, I cooking. I not tell you again” and hung up the phone. Mmmm….

The other morning I was getting dressed and she saw me put my bra on. She has learned about “b00bies.” She questioned what it was, why, etc. I explained to her it was a special “shirt” for mommy’s b00bies to hold them up. She accepted it and moved on. Phew. Much easier than I had anticipated. Not so much. Sunday afternoon we were running some errands and because she was good, I bought her a new necklace as jewelry is her passion of the week. I was in line paying for our treasures and she had wrapped it around her body and piped in her best most bellowing, those three states over could hear her voice, “MOMMY! Jia Jia hold b00bies up just like you!” My face was red as were those around us…mine from embarrassment, theirs from laughing so hard.

She’s also very thoughtful. At night when we say our prayers, we pray for mommy, daddy, the “gamos” and the “papas” (grandmas and grandpas), all of our family and to keep our soldiers safe. Sunday in church during prayer, the pastor mentioned our service members in prayer and Will had guard duty so Olivia knew he was being a soldier. Just after that she asked was daddy safe? Oh, my heart melted. And so did the hearts of everyone in ear shot of her. After the service when someone asked her where her daddy was, she would say, “being a soldier. But, he’s safe. I pray.”

When I tell Olivia something, I’ll ask her does she understand. She’ll nod. I’ll ask her am I clear? She’ll nod. Just to make sure, I’ll ask one more time if she understood me. Her answer the other night, “comprende.” Not sure where that came from. That and Tinkerbell are two of our life’s mysteries right now.

Will bought her a t-shirt that matches his ACUs while he was at Ft. Bragg last weekend. She slept in it Tuesday night and yesterday when I got her up for school, she REFUSED to wear anything but her “daddeeeee shirt.” So, yesterday she trodded off to school in her ACU t-shirt, khaki shorts and pink Mickey Mouse Crocs. Such a little fashionista I have. She told everyone repeatedly, “I have shirt like daddeeee.” She does. She’s right.

What do I say? She’s ruling our roost like a rock star and we’re following her along like good groupies should. We love every day with her and all that comes with it. It’s amazing the transformation.