Two weeks ago I took a little trip up to Virginia. I left Thursday and flew in to Newport News where I had the glorious afternoon to myself to melt my credit card to do a little outlet shopping. Yes, there are outlet stores decently close to our house but isn’t it much more fun to venture via airplane to do outlet shopping? I thought so. Miss Olivia scored the biggest thanks to end of season outlet sales at Little Me, Strasburg Children, Gymboree, et al. I came in a close second with a trip to Crabtree and Evelyn. If you have never tried their La Source line. WOW. Fabuloso. I first commandeered a bottle when we stayed at a Hilt0n. Yes, there is a C&E very close but, again, it’s not the same. So, I had super flouncy hair for my trip. The bad thing about flying commuter flights is 1. you board the plane from the tarmac and 2. you deplane on the tarmac. So, stepping off my flight was like stepping right into a boiling vat of asphalt. But, I managed to suck it up and shop, shop, shop. My next stop. The C0ach Factory Store. Oh, how I love the smell of leather bags, belts, wallets, etc. just waiting for a good home. I obliged. I came home with a new bag, wallet, makeup type bag and photo album. All because my bag was on sale! YIPPEE! Will’s perspective is I should have reveled in saving the money. Not mine…mine is I was able to get more stuff for the money I had planned on spending. Cha-ching! I stayed at the Omni. It was my first time and I loved it. The front desk folks were so gracious and they had me all checked in when I got there. There was a little league baseball championship going on and I guess I had a concerned look about staying on a floor with 90000 little leaguers. She smiled and told me not to worry. I wouldn’t hear a thing. She was right. Friday I went on a dinner cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk. Wonderful food. The cheesy show was great and I had dinner with some great friends. Weather was beautiful and I loved cruising through the harbor looking at all the big ships. Saturday and Sunday I spent time wandering through Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown enjoying a cup of tea on the riverfront while watching boats go by. Good stuff.

I picked up some souvenirs to bring back including the ever so famous Virginia hams. LOVE THEM. I also picked up some of my favorite sweet/spicy mustard. I was so careful when I packed this time. I used a plastic box in my suitcase to put all my liquids in and I checked my bag so I wouldn’t have any security issues. Well, that was until I forgot about my jar of mustard. My delicious sweet/spicy mustard that would have been so wonderful on a sandwich of French bread with my newly bought ham. They questioned me 1000 times about having liquids, etc. in my carry on and each time I told them no and proceeded with my box in my suitcase so I wouldn’t have any problems. Chick whips out my jar of mustard and asks, “So, what would you call this.” Crap. Except for the mustard I bought at the last minute and shoved in my carry on. This warranted shoes back off, standing on the little foot printed mat with my arms spread wide and looking straight ahead. She wanded me. She patted me. She wanded me again. She patted me again. There was this HUGE burly drill sergeant also getting a pat down and he looked at me and we just smiled. We came to the conclusion it was the cute ones getting the pat downs. So, needless to say, I got a lecture on transporting liquids in my carry on and was asked did I want to “surrender” it or check it. Surrender.

Got home and as I unpacked I found my ham suitcase had been searched by the T S A folks. Missing are my iPod cable and my cell phone charger with the little double outlet thingy that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car. I took it b/c I had a rental my whole trip and threw it in the bag at the airport. Also gone, the only pair of expensive sunglasses I’ve bought in YEARS for the simple fact I lose them or break them. I think I left them in the rental car, though and surprisingly enough, no one found them. Sunglasses: $100. iPod cable: $80. Car charger: $30. Double outlet thingy: No idea. It was Will’s. Sorry, babe.

Will and the fabulous Miss Olivia had a good time together.  I had bought her a special t-shirt that read, “Bad Hair Day.  Daddy was my stylist.”  She wore it and wore it well, I might add.  Daddy’s and pig tails.  Kind of like oil and water, I think.  At least at the L household.

Great trip and I had a wonderful time.  There’s nothing like a little R&R to renew the soul.