Wow…I was reminded by a dear, dear friend of mine it has been almost a month since I’ve posted an update on the blog.  Where has the time gone?

The 4th of July came and went but not without a hitch.  I had a couple of days off and had gone out of town.  Will had stayed behind.  He called me and told me something had bitten him and he had a “hole” in his hand.  I packed up O and we headed back home early.  I got home almost 9 pm that night and no sooner had I walked in the house did I turn around and load him in the car and head straight to the emergency room.  They said he had been bitten by a brown recluse spider and they could already see some tissue deterioration.  I don’t know how familiar you all are with those bites but they can be super, duper nasty if not taken care of and treated immediately.  He had two bites; one on his hand and one on his arm.  They pumped his rear-end full of an antibiotic and gave him two oral ones.  His poor little finger had more than doubled in size and it was on his knuckle so it made it worse.   After trips to the ER and doctor’s office every two days, he has been treated for MRSA and all is healing well.  Thank goodness!

Other than that, we are still running at the speed of light.  I’m behind on emails – I’m not even going to tell you how many are unread.

No more word on our deployment situation.  Still in the waiting phase and will likely be at least until the end of the year.

The fabulous Miss Olivia LOVES “fwimming.”  I took her to a pool a couple of weeks ago and she’s still taking about going “spwash, spwash, spwash.”  Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely love that kid?  Potty training is going backwards but oh, well.  All in due time.  She knows when she’s supposed to go, etc. but is choosing not to.   When she’s ready.  Her favorite phrase up until last week was, “Whatzat?”  Sometimes we tell her other times, when we know she knows, we make her tell us.  This week…The oh, so dreaded “WHY?”  I cannot tell you how that makes my ears bleed.  “Because I said so” is a regular phrase in the L household.  Oye.  So, we’ll make it through, I guess.  Sleep is becoming a huge thorn for me.  She will not go to sleep without me in bed with her.  She drifts off fine only to wake 2 1/2 hours later to see me gone and wails.  Ferber?  Done it. Let her cry? Done it – until she’s puked AND she can’t speak.  However, that has halted the “why” for a bit.  She wants to sleep in my bed and I simply can’t do that.  Only when I am beat down and exhausted do I move her in there at 3 am (on her second wake up) and I absolutely must get some sleep.

I’ve also gotten a couple of emails about my cook book.  It is finished and should be back from publishing sometime at the end of August or first of September.  I’m really excited about it and hope you all will be, too.  Most of the proceeds are going to be going to a really good cause and it’s not the Baby L2 fund like initially planned.

I’m signed up for a golf tournament in September.  I still have a lot to learn and a lot of practicing to do before then.

See, we are alive.  It’s sad that I can’t find time to do an update or email all of my friends who have been so gracious to take the time to email me.  Soon.

Hope everyone is doing well…

Until next time……