Since I’m a slack blogger, I’m going to use an old standby (again) of bullet posting to fill in with what’s been going on at the L household:

  • Olivia is getting more and more fabuloso every single day. The conversations we have are gaining more and more substance and I’m digging it more and more.
  • Her four favorite songs right now are (in no particular order) “Sweet Home Alabama (Dirty South version)” by B.A.M.A. (it’s the 3rd song on the link), “Baby’s Got her Blue Jeans On” by Mel McDaniel, “Baby Put Your Clothes On” by Tracy Byrd and “It’s My Life (the live version)” by Bon Jovi. Before you ask, we listen to the kiddy stuff too but this is what keeps her happy in the car. As long as it works, I’ll play them until my ears bleed.
  • Speaking of Bon Jovi…O calls him Bons. You ask her who rocks? She says, “Bons.” You ask her who’s hot? She says, “Bons.” You ask her how hot? She replies with “sizzles” as she sticks her finger in the air and makes a sizzling sound. Yeppers. That’s my pre-K 80s hair band loving girl. Makes her momma proud (and her grandma cringe).
  • She loves to sing and will tell you in a heart beat, “No, mommy. Jia Jia do it self.”
  • She still has no desire to say Olivia but she refers to herself as Jia Jia regularly but responds to both equally.
  • Her imagination is incredible. In her sand box she’ll make red beans (not sure where that came from, we don’t eat them) and broccoli soup. Great combo. She’ll bring her imaginary spoon up and ask you to taste it. She’ll say, “it needs salt.”
  • She also has a mind like a steel trap. MONTHS ago she was with my mom and a bird hit the windshield. To this day she still says, “No, no bird. No hit car.” if she sees one flying near us or in front of us. She also tells the story about her daddy catching one on that was trapped on the back porch. Uses her hands to mimic the catching of the bird and releasing it and everything.
  • She is still obsessed with school busses. Loves.loves.loves them and I’m not sure why.
  • She has started telling me “Mommy pretty” when I’m getting ready to go out.
  • Everytime she goes potty she thinks she’s supposed to brush her teeth. Probably because she spends half an eternity on the pot before she goes to bed so we have her brush her teeth to kill two birds with one stone.
  • She gets mad if she can’t have a bath.
  • She loves taking her gummy vitamin and reminds me if we forget it before we go to school in the mornings.
  • She is obsessed with her Mickey Mouse Crocs. She loathed them at first but now she wants to wear them everywhere. They’ve become a negotiating tool.

That’s pretty much all about Miss O…so now on to the stuff you probably don’t care too much about…Will and me. There is still no more word on the deployment situation. It’s going to happen and it was a possibility he could have left in June but thank goodness those plans changed. Me? I’ve taken up golf. I have pink clubs and all. In an effort to get away from my desk at lunch, I’ve joined the Y in the town I work in and am working on getting buff 4 days a week and Wednesday has been my golf lesson day or I go to the driving range. Golf clubs are expensive! The golf pro tried to sell me on some fancy dancy clubs. My take on it is this: I could have the best car and be a crappy driver or I could have a beater and be the safest. If I learn to play good golf with inexpensive clubs, I have nowhere to go but up. AND that I am a reflection of him so he should probably help me learn to play good golHe nodded and then we headed to the driving range. Besides, I don’t want to put a lot of money in something I may or may not like. I wasn’t smart wise enough to start early in the spring or in the fall and it is HOT at noon. But, I go and I enjoy it. Yay me.

That’s about it for us. Nothing too exciting happening…one of these days I hope to get back into full blogging mode. I’ve only been saying that for a year but it may happen one day.