I’m a week two weeks late with this but it seems to be my recurrent theme of late.

A local radio station has a Second Chance Prom every year to benefit their charity.  I’ve wanted to go for the past 8 years but there has always been something that stood in the way or Will just flat out refusing to go.  This year while he was on AT, I bought tickets.  Hah.  We went with Shannon and Tony and I must tell you, it was a freaking riot!  We had the best time evah!  It was way better than a high school prom; everyone had to be over 21 and there was a cash bar.  We danced.  We laughed.  We made fun of those who brought out their mid-80s prom dresses.  It ranged from church-type clothes to shiny pimp-like duds.  I told Shannon that even though we were giggling our tushies off at the puff sleeves and Gone With the Wind-esque bows, every girl there thought she was the bell of the ball and felt pretty*, which is very, very important.  However, their friends should have been gracious enough to tell them that sleeves stuffed with tissue paper went out with Hammer pants.  Will even had a better time than he ever thought possible; I think we all did. 

It was an amazing night and I hope that those who turned us down this year will go next year.   For the rest of you, pack up and head our way – you can go, too. 

Hammer pants (for those who may not know or can’t remember)


At dinner



At the prom

Tony and Shannon


Tony and Will (Darn them for being so photogenic!!)




Pimp Posse



*Before anyone stumbles here and makes a snide comment:

  • No, I don’t think I’m better than anyone.  I just dressed more tasteful than some and I know it – so did 93% of the other people there.
  • My dress was bought 3 weeks before prom so I know it’s in the right decade.  Besides, it’s black, not peach taffeta.
  • Shannon went with me and told me what looked good and didn’t and I trust her. 
  • Will thought I looked smokin’ hot and that’s what matters.