I’m fortunate enough to have great readership and I’ve only had a couple of instances where people have chosen to use my comments to slam me or my choices. The most recent was the end of last week. Some time back I wrote this post after O’s doctor left and the crappy service I received from the receptionist. It blew over and I moved on.

This comment was left April 20, which I have since deleted:

Author : joab

I think that you over reacted. It seems utterly pointless to ponder the question ” What if I was one of the women who was extremely sensitive to not having kids of her own? “. You weren’t offended by that remark, but you recommended that someone lose their job for that anyway? And, if you’re going to blog about your over estimated self importance, at least use proper grammar.

I tried to email my response but since the coward left a fake email address, I’m sure he or she will graze back by to see if I’ve responded. I say that not with “over estimated self importance” but confidence as that is what trolls do.

While I always appreciate people who stop by and read my blog and leave comments, I think yours is just a tad bit out of line and think it was quite ballsy of you to leave such an asinine comment. According to my blog stats, you found mine by searching “doctor office staff rude.” Does Yampa Valley Medical Center know you use your work time to surf blogs?

First of all, my grammar is fine. If you are referring to the use of “Them” it was what I simply called the office girl vs. Sally, Susie or Jane. It’s what I started with and continued with.

Secondly, when I posted that if it were up to me she would be gone, it was because of her attitude and “customer service.”

Thirdly, my self importance is not over estimated and for you to judge as such based on one visit is absurd and if it is, why should you care?. I am one of the least self absorbed people anyone will ever meet. So my question to you is this: what puts you in such a position that you feel you have the power to criticize my self importance? Oh, wait, that would make you a hypocrite. You did pretty much what you accuse me of doing…different scenario, different words, same thing.

It’s not a shock, but this is *GASP* my blog and I’ll blog about what I choose and how I choose. Should you ever happen back on my blog, I would kindly ask that you refrain from asinine comments that slam me or anyone. Better yet, exercise your choice to stay away and neither of us will have to be bothered.