I do volunteer work for several different groups, one of which is Soldiers’ Angels. I am on their letter writing team which means I send letters to different service members who may not otherwise receive any mail. Olivia and I use the last bit of time before bed as craft time making cards and I hand write a personal message in each one of them.

I am expanding on this a bit and have started a project for our troops called “Applauding You” and I’d like to see if it’s possible to enlist help from some of you.

I am personally supplying hand print cut outs and have been contacting schools to have students write their name and maybe a well wish for our troops on them. I will be taking them and stringing 10 of them together to make a banner to send to our troops stationed far away from home. My original goal was 1000 but I am pretty close to reaching that so my new goal is 2000! If you are a teacher, work closely with your child’s school, or know someone who may want to help, email me via the link in the side bar and I will forward you an email with more details. I know it’s close to the end of the year but I would really like to make this happen. Everyone loves children and so many of these folks are parents who are far away from home and I know it would mean so much.