So, finally a picture of the fabulous Miss O’s big girl bed.  She loves it and it’s nice to not be laying on an air mattress anymore.  The sheets are the most fabulous part of the whole thing.  I bought the sheets from Lands and I knew they had the ruffle on the pillow case and at the top of the top sheet .  That’s not the fabuloso part..the fabuloso part is the top sheet is fitted at the bottom just like the bottom sheet.  That kicks butt!  I may be the only one in the free world who didn’t know about them but I sure do love it.  If they had them like that in king size I would replace every sheet set we own. 

The bed rails are from One Step Ahead.  I like the concept in that they meet under the mattress so there is no sliding but it makes it super hard to make the bed nice and smooth and only one side folds down.  However, it serves the purpose of keeping O from rolling off and that’s what I need.