We all have things we do to cope, stall and to keep our inner self protected and Miss Olivia is no different. 

When something happens and she needs to cope, she will sometimes close her eyes tight and point her little double jointed finger and say, “NO.” Other times she collapses to the ground as if no one can see her there.

Stalling is probably what she does best.  She likes to sit on the potty forever before bedtime so we kill two birds with one stone and she brushes her teeth.  After all business is done, we don our jammies and head off for bed.  She has steps she uses to climb in bed and goes and lays down on her pillow.  I lay down beside her and we say our prayers and exchange good night kisses.  When I tell her it’s time for mommy to go so she can sleep, she belts out, “Pee Pee.”  No, you just went pee pee.  “Poop”  No, you just went poop.  Then she starts calling for Pom Pom so she can say good night to her, again.  After about 5 minutes, 4 rounds of pee pee, poop and Pom Pom loving, she’ll relent and go to sleep.

Olivia has also developed her own little defense mechanism.  Last Friday night she and I went out for a little retail therapy since Will was working late.  She had to go potty so we dropped everything we had an made a bee-line for the bathroom.  When we walked in a lady said, “Ohhhh…..look at you.  I have two little ones that look just like you” and whisked Olivia up.  I was shocked and O kicked in with her famous, “Poop. Now.  Mommy” as she reached for me.   She uses this in any situation she’s uncomforatble with.  When mommy grumbles she will sometime throw out a “jackass.”