Hectic doesn’t begin to describe how life has been for the past several weeks. The L’s have tons of things going on and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get all done.  Here’s recap of the past several weeks:

  • February 20 was the one year anniversary of meeting Olivia for the first time and welcoming her into our hearts and lives forever. The pictures we took to mark our day are hideous.
  • March 1 was our one year anniversary home.
  • Olivia is officially in a big-girl-bed! We converted the crib into the toddler bed and she slept in it all of three nights. In order to convert it to a full size bed, we would have to order the rails from the manufacturer for $100. Let me back up just a wee bit…O’s crib is a spinoff of another crib by the same manufacturer. For the most part it’s the same but there was slight tweaking so we bought it because the other wasn’t being manufactured at the time and no one knew when it would be. I bought the spinoff and it’s a beautiful crib and I love the styling of it. When I called to order the rails, the not quite so courteous rep said they didn’t have them. When I asked when they were going to get them her reply was this, “You bought the crib when it first came out (I ordered it in May 2005) and we figured it would be at least three to four years before people would need them so we didn’t make them.” Hmmm. Okay, that’s great but I still want to know when you’ll have them. Maybe March, could be April or AUGUST. Not sure what happend to May, June and July. Then came the part of me who has a hole phobia. With this crib, unlike it’s twin, the sides of the crib screw into what would be the headboard leaving these two holes that might as well be 100′ in diameter. Can’t order wooden plugs that are already stained and it seemed like tons of work to try and match the stain, find the right size, blah, blah, blah to do it on my own. So, I decided to just spend a little extra money and buy a new bed for Miss O and store the crib for Baby L2. No, we aren’t paperchasing and don’t know when we will. It’s in the talks due to some other things going on in our lives but we won’t know for sure until probably the summer as to when we will start. So, for now, the crib is stowed. There’s a little neato tid bit I want to share about operation big girl bed but will wait until I post the pics so I can show you.
  • I’ve muddled my way through six boxes of Girl Scout cookies and my waist line is feeling the pain. Actually, it’s my jeans who are refusing to give. But, I also understand there are some of my bloggy sisters who have indulged in the cookie madness. I’ll start Weight Watchers again in two more boxes of Tagalongs. And on the subject of GS cookies, why the sudden name changes? Tagalongs are now simply peanut butter patties? What’s that all about? I guess maybe they want simplicity and I ate 3 boxes to convince myself they taste the same. They do.
  • The fabulous Miss Olivia has a new obsession: School buses.  She can spot a school bus with one eye closed, two side streets away and behind a mountain.  I don’t know where the obsession came from and what is so fascinating.  The older kids where she goes to school don’t ride a traditional yellow bus, they have, what I call, a tourist bus…you know the little one the grammies and grampies ride in for tours of waterfalls and such?  I guess I need to learn all the words to “Wheels on the Bus.” 
  • I’m trying to finish up a cookbook I’ve been writing.  It started off as a fundraising effort for BL2 but has a new purpose added to it.  That post will follow, too.

We are alive.  Thank you for the emails and hopefully I’ll be able to get back in the groove of blogging soon as  I sure do miss it and not to mention I have 200+ blog updates to read! 

Until next time…