It’s Valentine’s Day. I think it holds different things for different people but we’ve never really celebrated it. I think once I bought Will a card and I think he bought me roses once. Other years, nothing. It’s just not something we celebrate.

I’ve had some seriously rough days this week (yes, it’s only Wednesday) and last night before we went to sleep, we talked about Valentine’s day and I told him I didn’t get him anything, again. We talked about last year…we were going to bed at 7:00 because we had to be at the airport at 5 am to leave for China to bring Miss O home. The year before we weren’t together because he left the 13th for active duty.

This morning he calls me while I’m on my way to work and this is the conversation I heard:

W: You have a surprise in the trunk.

Me: Surprise? It’s not my diet Sprite is it? If so, that’s not a surprise.

W: No it’s not.

US: a few more blah, blah, yada, yada and we hang up.

I got to work late because the parent at O’s school who drives his industrial air conditioning truck blocked me in and I had to wait until he left. Anyway, I pull in the parking lot and go inside. I remembered I was supposed to have a surprise in my trunk. Oh, Will was sweet. He knew how rough my days have been and got me a goody to cheer me up. I go out to bring in my Sprite because I knew it was there and I’m digging furiously in my trunk looking for something from him. Anything. and there it wasn’t… I slink back in with my drinks in hand and whip out my sugar filled oatmeal cake for breakfast saddened.

I called him and told him there wasn’t a surprise in my trunk. Only my drinks. So this is the next conversation we had:

W: Surprise? There’s no surprise in your trunk.

Me: Um, I know. I just told you that. But you told me you put a surprise in my trunk. I thought you were making me feel better.

W: Heh. No. I told you I put your Sprite in the trunk.

Me: Oh. I’m not getting anything?

W: Not necessarily.

Me: (This is where I threw in the don’t stop at C V S on your way home and get me the dented box of left over generic chocolate chewies as a sympathy gift because I thought you picked my spirits up only for me to come stumbling down.) Next time, just tell me you put my drinks in the car.

Why did my heart crumble when I found out there was no surprise because we never celebrate Valentine’s? Because I thought he said it was there and it would have totally been a surprise.

Oh, well.

Happy Valentine’s Day, anyway.


I guess I should have signed this post Eeyore. Yikes. It really sounded glum. I wasn’t all that heartbroken, at least not as much as I sounded. Will doesn’t do a lot of surprises for me and I thought maybe this time. He did come home with a yellow rose (one of my favs), a cupcake and a string that once upon a time had a balloon on it – it floated off. He did think about me.