It’s 2  a.m.  and I’m wide awake and I have been up since 5 this morning.   Normally Olivia wakes up around 1:30 so I figured no need to try and go to bed only to get settled in and have to get up and go check on her. 

I don’t normally check my bloglines on the weekends  but I decided to tonight and I’m glad I did. 

There is a gentleman named Michael Reagan, a portrait artist of 30 years, who has used his talents to raise millions of dollars for charity by drawing portraits of celebrities, athletes, etc. on canvases signed by them to auction off. 

I had never heard of him before until I read the blog of a Marine I have been following.  Michael Reagan got his true calling after being contacted by the wife of a fallen hero who died in Iraq; he now does portraits of fallen heroes for free.   His story is very moving and I will tell you I had tears streaming down my face for about 23 of the 26 minutes of the video I watched where he spoke at a Rotary Club meeting.  (This link takes you to the RC website and it’s the February 7th date)  Have a box of tissues handy because, if your heart holds any compassion at all, you will need them.

My heart skipped so many beats while Will was in Iraq.  Everytime the phone rang with an unknown number on caller i.d. my heart stopped.  Everytime I came down the street towards the house I held my breath because you never knew if the Chaplain would be in the drive waiting for you with terrible news.  I am blessed beyond any and all words that I didn’t have to experience that like so many families have.   The video shows the love this man holds in his heart for others.  It’s a hero helping heroes.