I was raised to use manners. That being said, my mom reads my blog and may question my use of them and, while it may not always be with her, I do say “yes ma’am and yes sir” when I’m speaking with someone. Will and I have taught Olivia say “please” when she wants something and “thank you” when she gets it. She’s pretty good at it on her own but sometimes needs to be reminded. When she hands us something, we always tell her “thank you.” Two way street.

We also tell her “you’re welcome” when she says thank you. Easy enough. EXCEPT now when she gets something and we remind her to say thank you, she belts out with “you’re welcome.” This morning she must have done it 10 times and I kept telling her, “no. You say thank.you. Mommy says you’re welcome.” She belted back at me, “you’re WEL.COME” emphasizing both syllables.