So, in December I had blood work done to see if anything could be found to find out why I’ve been so sick so much over the past several months. Two days before Christmas they called and left a message for me to get my results. Well, when I called back all I could get out of them was “abnormal results.” It was just blood work, tell me what it was and if it’s really bad I’ll set an appointment otherwise I shouldn’t have to come in. My regular nurse had a medical emergency of her own and was out until after New Year’s and the back up nurse didn’t know her arse from a hole in the wall. O was due for her two year check up and I figured I’d get two appointments back to back so I only had to take one afternoon off work. It took forever but it finally happened.

Last Wednesday was O’s two year checkup. She is now 32″ tall and weighs 26 pounds. I can’t remember her head circumference, maybe 18″? Anyway, she’s on track and growing like she should and had the last of her immunizations (we re-immunized) until she starts kindergarten. She’s healthy as a small horse and showed off her many talents.

Me. One of the tests I had done was for mono. While the test showed positive, it’s not able to pinpoint when, just sometime over the past six months and she said it could be some residual effects. Another biggie was allergy testing, which can now be done via blood work. Woo-hoo! I know I have allergies and I know what some of my big triggers are: Cats, dust, pollen, perfumes, scented laundry detergents/dryer sheets and I get rashy and sometimes small hives with beer, mustard, ketchup, or spicy stuff. So, they run the “standard” panel of tests which covers your eggs, nuts, grains, cockroaches (eww), molds, grasses, etc. It said I’m allergic to egg whites. What? Other than being lactose intolerant and taking lactase enzymes with any dairy products, including low lactose items such as butter, I’ve never had any issues with eggs. At all. Heck, I didn’t even start eating them until 1999. While it’s debatable whether eggs are a culprit for LI or not, I don’t chance it and take my meds because scrambled eggs are usually mixed with milk and I like cheese in them. But, I’ve never had an allergic reaction. It could be a precursor for things to come.

The biggie: Dust mites. How dirty does that make one feel? This one I was off the charts on. So, some of the suggested solutions:

  • all leather furniture
  • special mattress and pillow covers
  • special air filters
  • someone to clean my house for me
  • stay away from any room that has been cleaned for at least 20 minutes
  • wear a dust mask
  • stay away from dust

The special covers and air filters are no problem. I could probably swing Will on someone to clean the house but I doubt he’s going to get gung ho over buying all new furniture. Wearing a dust mask is out – claustrophobic. Stay away from dust? I work for a cabinet manufacturer. Not possible and 0ffice Dep0t doesn’t sell bubbles.

Here’s the kicker: In my view I’m way allergic to cats. If I’m in someone’s home who has one, I take my Zy rtec and I’m usually okay for a decent period of time as long as pretty kitties don’t climb on me and there’s not a lot of kitty hair (I know it’s usually the dander not the hair but I get itchy with kitty hair, too). If I don’t take medicine my eyes itch, my throat feels like it is closing up and I can’t breathe. I’ve also been known to get hives. This test tells me that I’m not allergic to them. At all. Not possible. I remember the first time I found out I had an allergy: I was a freshman in high school babysitting and they had cats. I had to call my mom to come get me and the kid because I felt like I was dying. Who knew. But, I’m not allergic. Hmmff.  I say not worth the $800 they bill the insurance company but better than being stuck bunches of times.

In conclusion, Will says sit in the leather recliner we already have, buy the covers, he’ll take care of the filters, he raised an eyebrow at a cleaning lady and told me I can’t quit my job.