It always amazes me that on days I have an opportunity for a couple of extra hours of sleep, I manage to wake up at my workday time, which is something I can’t do during the week without hitting the snooze button at least 5 times.  This morning I actually woke up 15 minutes before my workday time, which is two hours earlier than I had planned. 

Will has guard duty this weekend so it’s just the girls.  I’m an insomniac and have been for a long time and we’ve been having some issues of O sleeping through the night (she likes to wake up about 1 a.m. for an hour or so most nights) and while I enjoy running on four hours of sleep, I needed it so desperately, especially last night, because O and I are taking a field trip out of town this morning and I wanted to be well rested for the drive.  Last night I strayed and O slept in my bed.  I don’t know if it was because her beloved Pom Pom was here also but she slept all night long and so did I.   This morning I woke up to see both my girls curled up snoozing away and it was a beautiful sight to see.  O rolled over and woke up in a GREAT mood giving me her best early morning smile.  However, we all know in the life of a two-year old it goes as quickly as it came.  Who knew that because her pajama bottoms snap to the shirt her morning would be ruined.  After that passed, she gave mommy “big love” and ventured off to potty with D0ra.  If only Pom Pom would use the big-girl potty.  Our yard is still sopping wet from the last bout of rain we had, which it had never dried out from the time before, so it’s a chore to get Pom Pom’s feet cleaned off before she comes back in the house.  She won’t do boots and manages to shake out of the ghetto sandwich bag ones I make for her. 

So, with a bowl of honey Cheeri0s, sippy cup and Ses ame Street, our day seems to be back on track.

Happy Saturday!

P.S. It took me one hour and 20 minutes to get this short post written.