Olivia is offically two as of Saturday and what a day it was. We had a house FULL of people – mainly so full because our house isn’t big. It was fun but I will be a better mother on the ball for next year and reserve (in July) a nifty little venue to hold Miss O’s big 3 event. Who knew so many kids were born in January not to mention the lack of places for a 2 year old party. The old homestead won out.

I convinced myself this would be a low key party. I made Olivia’s cake and promised me when I started out on the adventure that I.would.not.stress. (I normally stay up way late the night before a cake is due somewhere trying to “perfect” it and worry what everyone will think of it.) Besides, there was a 99.99% chance that no one would know what the cake was supposed to look like anyway. The only thing that was missing was Olivia’s name spelled out in cookies…the “v” broke and I was beyond going to heat up the oven and open another pack of sugar cookie dough for one cookie. Not to mention my neato looking little cookie cutters SUCK big time. I did try to salvage it by trying to “glue” it with icing and I even tried packing tape. No go and no name it was. Besides, everyone there knew who the party girl was. The “buffet” consisted of Cheese Nips, Chex mix and bagels and cream cheese with coffee, sodas or juice boxes. Easy-peasy. Those who know me know I stress over having a party big time and I remained calm…not one tear was shed nor one curse word spoken.

Shannon and her beau, Tony, came by…he’s so nice and they look way cute together. Shanny was sick and we missed her. Olivia’s little friends Li and Ally were also there. Li came home from China in April ’06 and Ally October ’06. My nieces, godchildren, and two little boys of some friends of ours were also little guests in the house. Zach was so cute – he asked his mom why Olivia got a whole cake for herself and everyone else only got one piece. Trust me, we gave Zach all the cake he could stand. I’m sure D&T were loving his sugar high that afternoon πŸ™‚

Since Olivia didn’t have a first birthday party where she was able to dig into her cake, she had her own this year. Here’s how it went down…my girl wouldn’t touch it with her hands. She waited for a fork. No cake icing everywhere and she remained clean, which is not the true tradition of the party cake but I sure was glad as that icing stains. Our guests were very gracious with their gifts and we appreciate them all. Aquadoodle rocks and I’m dying to check out the bathtub paints.

It was a great success and I’m glad my little birthday girl had a good time. She crashed hard after the party – as did Will and I. We still have cake left and are trying to figure out where to put all O’s treasures. I know, the playroom, right? Wish I could. Still not finished started. Sweet, huh? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has procrastinated doing this. It’s going to be a HUGE undertaking and I just haven’t felt that vibe.

Anyway, turning two was an easier transition for us me than I thought it would be. It makes me sad that she’s getting older but I’m so tickled to be able to hold a little conversation with her and watch her personality unfold more and more. It’s good stuff. Truly good stuff. Have I mentioned that I love being a mom?

Nothing spells lovin’ like a bug from the oven