Olivia has some new “tricks” that make me wonder if she is really a 9 year old boy tucked into her 32″ tall 2 year old frame.

  • She has picked up the knowledge that if she holds her nostrils and sucks in when she lets her nose go her nostrils stay in. Cracks her up and, admittedly, it did me too.
  • If I make a fist, she’ll go knuckle to knuckle with me when I tell her to give me some “soul sister.” Sometimes she’ll make her fist and tell me “sitter” to give her some. Heh.
  • Nose picking is running rampant around her daycare. I got to her class to pick her up last week and she ran to me with her finger out chanting “Look. Boogie.” then proceeded to try and wipe it on MY pants. NO way sister.
  • She has learned to blow her nose but doesn’t always use a tissue. She thinks it is hilarious to blow (without the tissue) and expect me to clean it up. Of course I do but it’s so not pleasant.
  • She proudly announces when she’s passed gas with a big ‘ol “I poootayed.” I won’t tell you that if it’s going to be a “good” one she’ll sometimes cock a leg. She brings toxic to a whole other level.

My princess. My little pride and joy. I waited how many years to experience this?